Dr. Kelsey Sieg OD

Dr. Kelsey Sieg, OD


Dr. Kelsey Sieg was born and raised in northern Wisconsin. Along her journey in eye care, she became passionate about helping our young people with functional & developmental vision challenges (binocular vision) in optometry school.

After earning her doctorate, Dr. Sieg further pursued specialty care in a residency program for vision therapy, rehabilitation and pediatrics at Vision Northwest, a private practice in Seattle, WA. Her residency program allowed her to continue to fuel her passion for functional and developmental vision, especially in the pediatric and concussion populations.

  • University of Wisconsin – Madison
    • Biology (B.S.)
  • Pennsylvania College of Optometr at Salus University
    • Doctor of Optometry (O.D.)
  • Vision Northwest in Seattle, Washington
    • Residency: Vision Therapy, Rehabilitation, and Pediatrics

Clinical Specialties:
Neuro-Optometric Evaluations

Vision dysfunctions from traumatic (concussions, head traumas, etc.) or acquired (strokes, Parkinson’s disease, etc.) brain injuries

Dry Eye Disease

Dry eye is a multifactorial eye disease affecting the cornea, or front surface of the eye. Many patients experience symptoms of burning, gritty sensation, redness, tearing and other symptoms. The eye condition is multi-factorial, which means lifestyle, work environment, medications, weather, hormones, and many other factors impact patients. There are many therapies that exist; therefore, we recommend consulting one of our optometrists for the best course of treatment and options that may exist.

Pediatric Eye Care & Myopia Management

Assessing refractive error, pediatric vision screening, eye turns, binocular vision dysfunctions, traumatic/acquired brain injury vision assessments
Treatment for nearsightedness; Certified provider for Mi-Sight 1 Day contact lenses for treatment of nearsightedness

Diabetic Eye Care

Diabetic eye care consists of annual dilated diabetic eye exams where your optometrist will check for abnormalities inside your eyes. It is important that it is checked yearly unless otherwise specified by your provider.

​​​​​​​Fun Facts:
What is important to you professionally?

Professionally, Dr. Sieg has committed herself to lifelong learning and further development of her knowledge, which shows in her numerous memberships with the Minnesota Optometric Association (MOA), the American Optometric Association (AOA), College of Optometrists in Vision Development (COVD), the Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation Association (NORA) and Optometric Extension Program (OEP).


While it is evident that Dr. Sieg enjoys devoting time to her profession, she also enjoys being active outdoors, whether she is hiking or spending time at her family’s lake house. You can also find her training for her next race, as she just completed her first marathon!

Do you follow any sports teams?

Dr. Sieg continues to support her alma mater, Go Badgers! Or cheering on the Minnesota Vikings, despite being raised in the land of cheeseheads!

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