Lenses Technology

Swoop Eye Care is proud to partner up with IOT Lenses to bring lenses that are anti-fatigue, provide work-life balance, and provide comfort for everyday activities.

Anti-fatigue Single Vision Benefits

Endless Anti-fatigue Single Vision Benefits

  • A lens design with a goal to reduce digital eye strain caused by electronic devices (tablets, phones, computers, gaming)

  • Benefits that may also be experienced are less headaches, dryness, neck/shoulder pain, blurry near vision

Single Vision Lenses (Digital Single Vision, DriveWorks)

Digital Single Vision Benefits

  • A single vision lens that provides high definition clarity throughout the entire lens

  • Precise measurements due to state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques to provide the clearest optical correction possible

DriveWorks Single Vision Benefits

  • Have you ever noticed more difficulty while driving or seeing at night? Never fear, DriveWorks is here for you!

  • DriveWorks compensates by providing a distance boost in low light conditions (i.e. night driving)

Progressive Lenses (Camber Steady Plus Design)

Progressive Lenses (Camber Steady Plus Design)

  • A lens allowing for seamless vision from near to far all one one lens!

  • This lens can be individualized based upon the lifestyle of our patients with emphasis on near, far, intermediate, or the everyday wearer.

Office Occupational Benefits
  • Custom progressive lens designed and adapted for optimizing computer and near vision on electronic devices.

  • Lenses provide improved postural ergonomics avoiding unnecessary head movements, and near elimination of peripheral distortion.

Custom Lens Options (Tints, Anti-Reflective Coating, Material, Occupational, and more!)


  • Solid vs. Gradient Tint Options

  • Tint color options: Grey, Brown, Blue, Amber, Yellow, Rose, or Custom Color Match

  • FL-41 Tint (improved comfort for migraine and traumatic brain injury/concussion patients)

  • Benefits all patients especially the following:

    • Concussion, Light Sensitivity, Migraines, High Contrast requirements, Night Blindness, Shooting Sports

Anti-Reflective Coating

  • Armour

  • Armour Plus (more scratch resistant)

  • Blue Armour (blocks blue light)

Lens Material

  • CR-39, Hi-Index (1.67, 1.74), Polycarbonate, Trivex

  • ​​​​​​​We recommend our impact resistant Trivex material for all our young people and active adults.

Photochromatic Lens

  • Lenses that adapt to various lighting conditions to provide protection against UVA and UVB rays while also filtering up to 91% of blue light

  • Colors available for IOT: Grey and Brown (also available in NEOCHROMES Dark)

  • Additional colors available per request (Sapphire, Amethyst, Amber, Emerald, Graphite Green)

Occupational Lens

  • Pilot Works
    • What is this?
      • Specialized occupational lenses that allows near vision correction on the top and bottom of the lenses.
      • Excellent vision from the upper part of the lens for near vision tasks
      • Improved postural ergonomics to minimize head/neck movement
    • Who most benefits from these lenses?
      • Plumber, Airplane Pilot, Electrician, Mechanic, Construction, Artist

    Myopia Management Benefits
    • Designed with cutting-edge technology and backed by extensive research, IOT's Myopia Management Solution offers an exciting new approach to treating the "silent pandemic" of childhood myopia.

    • This lens are effective in slowing down the rate of increase in myopia; it also combats ocular elongation thanks to its unique Myo Free-form Technology, which adapts to the nasal and temporal asymmetry of the retina.

    Shaw Lenses (Lenses for Aniseikonia)
    • Shaw optical lenses are a revolutionary type of eyeglasses that can improve your vision comfort and quality. Unlike other lenses, Shaw optical lenses take into account how your eyes work together and how they rotate when you look around. They use a patent-pending method to reduce or eliminate the distortions and image size differences that other lenses can cause. Shaw optical lenses can help you if you have aniseikonia, amblyopia, post-cataract, or progressive lenses. They can also help you avoid headaches, eye strain, and difficulty reading. Shaw optical lenses are designed with sophisticated math and optimized base curve to give you the best vision possible.

      For more information on Aniseikonia contact Swoop Eye Care Optical or visit this link Aniseikonia (shawlens.com).